A New Earth, Chapter 9 Your Inner Purpose

“As soon as you rise above mere survival, the question of meaning and purpose becomes of paramount importance in your life.”  (pg 257)  Ekhart goes on to say that the true or primary purpose of your life cannot be lived on the outer level.  It does not concern what you do, but what you are, that is to say your state of consciousness.  (pg 258)  Inner purpose concerns Being and is primary.  Outer purpose concerns doing and is secondary.  (pg 258)  Your inner purpose is to awaken.  …Your outer purpose can change overtime (but) finding and living in alignment with the inner purpose is the foundations for fulfilling your outer purpose.  (pg 258)

Awakening is a shift in consciousness , it is a process.  Awareness takes over from thinking.  Awareness is conscious connection with the Universal intelligence.  Another word for this is Presence:  Consciousness without thought.  (pg 259)

He goes on to say that for some awakening happens as they suddenly become aware of the kinds of thoughts they habitually think, especially persistent negative thoughts that they have identified with all their lives.  They suddenly become aware of the thought but they are not a part of the thought any longer.  With this awakening comes responsibility.  Opening yourself to this awareness means  bringing this light into the world then becomes the primary purpose of your life.  Some may choose instead to ignore it and continue life as before.  Many people in the early stages of awakening are no longer certain what their outer purpose is, they feel alienated from the culture around them, as they now recognize the insanity of our civilization.  (pg 262)  He says that whatever we are doing in the outer world, if it is connected to out inner primary purpose, will be done with more meaning.  Once your are connected to your inner purpose, time becomes meaningless.  Whatever you do, you will do very well because the doing becomes the focal point of you attention, and this is the channel through which consciousness enters this world.  (pg 265)  We start to realize that the foundation for greatness is honoring the small things of the present moment instead of pursuing idea of greatness.  (pg 266)

It is only when you feel cut off from your inner purpose that stress and anxiety return.  This gives the illusion of separateness.  This happens when we forget to live in the present moment.  This small thing can create much pain and suffering.  (pg 267)




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