A New Earth, September 21st, Chapter 5


We all experience suffering, some experience more than others.  Much of our suffering in based in our own thoughts, which tend to be repetitious and negative.  Many of our thoughts are just “static” or constant chatter within the mind.  Because these thoughts are so constant we become unaware of what we are really thinking, but may notice that our mood changes suddenly.  The negative energy from these thoughts creates negative emotions and together they form the pain body that we carry around all our lives.  Some people’s pain bodies are denser than others and carry much negative emotion.  The negative emotion we carry can be from our own experience or from experiences of those who have lived prior to us.  It is like the pain is carried in our DNA.

Pain bodies can lie dormant for years in some cases.  In other people the pain body seems to be continuously searching for one little thing to get it going again.  It often doesn’t take much and the drama is on.  “Emotion from the pain body quickly gains control of your thinking, and once your mind has been taken over by the pain-body, your thinking becomes negative.  … It is not so much that you cannot stop your train of negative thoughts, but that you don’t want to.  This is because the pain-body at that time is living through you, pretending to be you.  And to the pain-body, pain is pleasure.”  (pg 147)

Pain-bodies become very apparent in intimate relationships, as that is where they get most of their food. (pg 148)  “It is tough to resist another person’s pain-body that is determined to draw you into a reaction.  …It is raw emotion looking for more emotion.. The other person’s pain-body wants to awaken yours so that both pain-bodies can mutually energize each other.  (pg 148)  In homes where much drama is acted out, young children are painfully affected.  Ekhart says this is one of the ways that the pain body is passed on from generation to generation.

The media and movies also play into the pain body.  People love to pay money to watch people kill others and inflict pain on others.  “Pain bodies write and produce these films, and pain-bodies pay to watch them.”  (pg 153)

On page 155, Ekhart discusses “the suppression of the feminine principle, especially over the past 2000 years, has enabled the ego (which is more dominant in males) to gain absolute supremacy in the collective human psyche.  He says that although women have egos, they are much less “mind-identified” than are men.  “they are more in touch with their inner body and the intelligence of the organism where the intuitive faculties originate.  The female form is less rigidly encapsulated than the male, has greater openness and sensitivity toward other life-forms, and is more attuned to the natural world.” (pg 155)  What was it about the female principle that made men feel threatened?  The evolving ego in men made them realize that the only way to gain full control of the planet by males was to render the female powerless.  (pg 156)  “The sacred feminine, because it is suppressed, is felt by many women as emotional pain.”  (pg 157)

Ekhart then goes on to discuss the pain bodies of entire countries as well as various races and cultures.  These pain bodies have build over centuries and continue to create major problems for we humans.  He talks of various ways of dealing with this pain.  He suggests that some countries turn to alcohol, yet China turned to t’ai chi to release what no longer serves them.  (pg 158)  Increasingly more countries including western cultures are turning to t’ai chi, qigong, and yoga.  “These practices do not create a separation between body and spirit and are helpful in weakening the pain-body.” (pg 159)

He ends the chapter saying, “there is only one perpetrator of evil on the planet: human unconsciousness.  That realization is true forgiveness.  With forgiveness, your victim identity dissolves and your true power emerges—the power of Presence.  Instead of blaming the darkness, you bring in the light.”  (pg 160)


Next week there will be no Book Club, as Sandra is doing a Pranayama Workshop and many of us will be at that!  See you in 2 weeks, Oct 5th to discuss Chapter 6 and the first half of Chapter 7.

Have a great week.



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