Crazy, Sexy Diet: Book Club Notes: Chapter 7 & 8

Book Club August 11, 2012
Chapter 7
First off thanks to you hardy souls who stayed for Book Club after a 2 hour work out with Sandra!!  You are terrific!
Chapter 7 is a bit of a switch within the book, going from food intake for self-care, to outer physical care and mind/soul/emotional self-care.  As Kris says “self care extends beyond the food in your fridge.”  It is important to take time for reflection, exercise, rest, relaxation and paying attention to what you are applying to the outside of your body.  So much of how we live our lives is dependent on what our inner message is telling us.  Our narrative becomes our life.  Our narrative can be either positive or negative, and whichever we choose will determine how we live our lives.
Kris encourages all to “create new habits and new routines that support your highest good.” Pg 124  Treat yourself with compassion and love.  She encourages daily morning meditation as a way to start the day feeling balanced and relaxed.  This quiet is important for self-reflection.  “The space between the noise is where God/dess lives.  There are many answers there.  Don’t shy away from visiting.” Pg 125  The more consistent you are, the stronger you get.  Sharon Gannon shares two beautiful prayers with which to start the day.  “Lord make me an instrument for thy will… “ and finishes with a blessing for all beings upon the earth “May all beings everywhere be happy and free…” pg 127  Start each day in this way and sending blessings to particular people in your life.  It is interesting to notice the changes all around you as you change your early morning habits.
Yoga is important for purifying the physical body.  “Roll out your mat and tend to your temple.” Pg 129  “ (Yoga) sages knew that the ultimate hot spot waits for us in our mind.  The only way to get there is to meditate regularly.  However, if your body is frozen and squeaky, it can be wicked painful to sit in lotus position while trying to clear your mind and focus.  Let asana – yoga positions-thaw you out.” Pg 129  This comment surprised all of us in the group.  “The body heals eight times faster when you exercise regularly.” Pg 130
What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body, so know what is in the creams, make-up and perfumes you are using.  There is not much testing done on these products and many contain toxic compounds.  (pg 131)  Another chemical hazard to avoid is antibacterial products.  Someone in the group said that if you go to the site mentioned on page 134 ( you can put in whatever products you are currently using and find out if it is safe or not.
Dry brushing of the skin before a bath or shower feels so good and is so good for exfoliating .  Kris states that we dump about a pound of waste from our skin on a daily basis.  Pg 134  She recommends using a natural bristle brush or loofah gloves.
Essential oils can be soothing, relaxing and healing. “These oils harness the healing power of plants.”  Pg 135 There are many essential oils on the market, do some research and get the best quality there as well.  Essential oils can be applied to the skin, into a diffuser, into bath water and into a drink of water.
Sinus problems are one of the main reasons why people visit doctors.  Cleansing the sinuses is a daily must as and she recommends using the neti pot to do this.  This is a natural and gentle way to irrigate the sinuses using lukewarm salt water.
Do a body scan, check your breathing.  Focus on breathing deeply and focus on the exhale.  (In other words do Sandra’s breathing!)
Massage and acupuncture are both good for removing blockages, stimulating energy flow, and improving circulation.  Instead of thinking of these as luxuries, see them as one more step in self care.
Craniosacral Therapy restores harmony to your central nervous system by manipulating the cerebral spinal fluid.  This can help with stress, migraines and neck pain.  Pg 138
Lymphatic drainage massage uses light sweeping strokes that gently move the “waters” (lymphatic fluid) pg 139  You may notice your urine smell changes as the toxins are released from your body.
Reiki means universal life force energy.  If you life force is low you are more likely to get sick.  When high you are more apt to be happy and healthy. Pg 138  You can do Reiki on your self, by applying the energy that comes from your hands and applying it to any part of your body that needs it.
Saunas and Steam Baths are a good way to detox, especially organs such as your liver and gallbladder.  Therapeutic baths are calming and deeply therapeutic.
Sleep is a very important part of overall health and well being.  Eight hours is the ideal for nightly sleep, preferably between 10 pm and 6 am.  Also, when you are able take a nap in the afternoon for about 20 mins.
Taking care of your self is not trivial, it is an important part of living a happy, balanced and healthy life.

Chapter 8  Getting Started
This chapter discusses the planning for changing your old habits and creating new ones.  Clear the cabinets of those things that no longer serve you, like junk food that will be tempting when you are at low ebb.  She then discusses the shopping plan, as this will be very different from what you have been doing.  (for many of us)  Follow these guidelines when shopping:  if it has a longer shelf life than you don’t buy it and if it was made in a laboratory, it takes a laboratory to digest it.
Guidelines for shopping:
The longer the ingredient list the more processed the food. Go for the short list.
Avoid artificial colors
Avoid artificial flavors
Avoid artificial sweeteners (and not so artificial)
Avoid preservatives
Do buy lots of veggies, gluten free grains and noodles,  gluten and non-gluten breads and snacks, (pg 150 she makes recommendations of brands she thinks are good), beans and legumes, fruit but do limit this to 2-3 servings per day, sweeteners such as stevia, agave syrup and yacon syrup, organic and stone-milled flours (pg 151)  she gives suggestions for egg replacements but recommends against the processed egg substitutes as they “contain chemicals and aren’t really food” pg 152, mock meats are also an option and she gives suggestions on pg 152 for ones she likes, also nuts and seeds , seaweed, and naturally fermented foods (pg 153) and purified water and teas.
On page 154 she lists many snack ideas that are gluten-free.  She even includes Green and Black’s Dark Chocolate which is available at Central Market!
It is important to eat good fats, as they help with absorption of vitamins and minerals and they can help increase metabolism which helps with weight loss.
Avoid trans fats and saturated fats.  Use extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, hemp seed oil, walnut oil and Udo’s Choice.  For cooking use sesame oil, coconut oil in moderation and grape seed oil.
When buying veggies try to research your local growers and find organic close by.  Look for Food Co-ops, or community supported agriculture (158) if it is in your area.  Try to buy organic when possible, and she has included a list of dirty and clean veggies.  I made a copy and carry it in my purse, to help me decide when to go organic and when it is ok to buy regular. Buying frozen is a good option as well, Cascadian brand is her recommended brand for veggies and fruits.   She also suggests taking up gardening and growing your own produce, that way it is fresh and you know that no chemicals have been sprayed on it.  Plus, gardening is good for the soul.
I like her paragraph at the end of chapter 8.  “If every dazzling person would make just a few changes, just think how much healthier we could be.  Our planet would thank us; the animals would lick us.  That’s the goal my friend.  Do the best you can and if you stumble, don’t marinate in guilt.  Get back on the shiny wagon and start anew.”

Book Club will meet again on September 1 to complete the book and to share a healthy dish and it’s recipe.  See you then.


Book Club: Crazy, Sexy Diet: Chapters 5 & 6

We had several “poop” out on us this past Saturday…Hahahaha!!! And yes,
we had four brave souls that discussed bodily functions! As the author
pointed out, “you are what you eat, you’re also what you don’t poop”!
Digestion is the process of extracting nutrients from food and preparing
the leftover waste for elimination from the body. For a tour of your
digestion, see page 90. Notice how large your liver is!

Everyone should be pooping on a regular basis, which means after each meal
or at least once per day. Did you know that the average person might be
hauling around 7 to 10 extra pounds just in the colon! also, 60 to 70 %
of your immune power is in your digestive tract! It starts with lymphatic tissue in your tonsils and ends in your rectum. No wonder it
is referred to as your second brain…and 95 % of all serotonin is made by
nerve cells in your gut…WOW! (An imbalance of serotonin can be an
underlying cause of depression.) So give your body a break from the bad
food and toxins and help it move that old crud out!!

If you have every wondered about the how to’s and why’s of enemas and
colonics, take a look at pages 93- 96. It is all spelled out!!! While you
are there don’t miss page 98 and the positioning on your own toilet to get
the biggest bang for your buck. (hint..your feet should be elevated about
10″ to 18″ off the ground) Another interesting tidbit is that different
foods have different time schedules from entry into your body, to exiting
your body. This is because different foods require different digestive
enzymes and varying acid/alkaline conditions. Page 93 gives you some good
food combo basics.

Juicing helps to slow and even reverse the aging process. It helps inflammation, cleanses the body, regulates the bowels, and can even help
peel off extra pounds. Juicing takes all the pulp out, whereas blending
leaves all the fiber in. It is recommended to do both each week. Starting
on page 108 is a great discussion on blenders and juicers with all the pros
and cons of each type. We experimented in class with a blender, cheese
cloth and cucumbers….yes we peeled, blended, squeezed the juice out and
drank it! A sample juice fast is on page 114. Be sure and read the
section on fasting if you decide to incorporate this into your diet.

We all know water is good for us, but did you know we should be consuming
half our body weight in ounces of pure water each day?!?!? Water is
absolutely essential to good health. Stay hydrated with moderates amount
of water at regular intervals throughout your day. SIP, SIP, SIP! If you
ever feel the sensation of thirst, you are already dehydrated. And hunger
is often just a sign of thirst. It’s also important to drink water from a
pure source. If you don’t filter your water, your body will – and your
liver and kidneys will have to put in overtime!
Notes by Marcy Atchley


Next class will be Saturday August 11th at 1:45 pm. Notice the time
change! 1:45 pm