Full Moon Energy and Self-Awareness

I used to bartend and wait tables.  I did this all throughout college.   I remember nights bartending when I never took my head out of the well.  I would be making margaritas and cocktails non-stop without ever having the chance to look up!  I couldn’t keep up with how quickly drinks where being ordered and slammed.  These nights, I always knew, were full moon nights.  I could always call it.  The energy of the group as a collective was high, vibrant, chaotic, a little wild, and always unexpected and interesting.  It ALWAYS felt unstable.  As we’d wrap our nights up and walk to our cars I’d look up at the bright moon and call out “hello old friend!”

Did you know that emergency rooms more often than not are more busy on full moons?   Did you know that luna means moon and is of Latin origin?  And that the word lunatic comes from the word lunaticus which means “of the moon” or “moonstruck.”  The word lunatic means dangerously foolish or unpredictable.

I think that if the moon can affect the ocean’s tide twice a day it can certainly have an effect on us.  I don’t think it affects everyone the same.  I think certain people are more sensitive to the effects of the moon than others.  Just like some people are more sensitive to chemicals, environmental toxins, smoke, dairy, etc.  I do think that since  we are over  70% water and that the brain is made up of mostly water it can effect us in various ways. I do notice though the longer I practice Yoga the more sensitive I become.

I use the full moon energy to help me fine tune my self-awareness.  Each full moon is different.  I always try to remain more alert.  It’s the perfect opportunity to practice.  I know when a full moon is coming because I tend to have trouble falling a sleep one to two nights before because of increased energy.  I wake up bright and early.  Sometimes before 5 AM but fully ready to go!   Today, I am remaining more watchful because I feel very emotionally sensitive.  I have already teared up several times which is out of sync with my regular pattern.  As long as I remain watchful I remain balanced.   I feel a little impulsive and a little reckless, could that be the “luna” effect on me?  Could the moon’s gravitational pull be effecting rhythms in the brain?   I think the pull can effect our hormone balance temporarily.  I think it pulls on us subtly just as it effects the whole.  I try to stay watchful so that I recognize what is “me” and what is the moon’s pull on me.

I love full moons because it gives me an excellent opportunity to watch my inner-self.  I practice self-awareness and try to feel my way through what is real and what is illusion.  Why am I writing about this today?  Because today is a super moon!

It is the largest full moon of 2012.  The moon is passing by the earth even closer than usual so the gravitational pull is different.  I am staying alert, staying present, and staying the watcher of the whole experience.  This is Yoga.  We are meant to be the inner watchmen.  In watching ourselves we make clear what is real and what is maya, illusion.  In seeing clearly we see reality.  Full moons give us a perfect chance to practice self-awareness.  We can use the moon’s energy to help guide us back to Self.

Brightest Blessings,

Sandra Vanatko


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I Got an A+ On My Yoga Pop Quiz

I sit down tonight to write  before going to bed. I know in the morning the meaning and urgency will be less, skewed, and possibly unclear. I might just miss an opportunity to write.  So often I hear my heart whisper “write” but I do not find myself in front of the computer often enough.  Tonight is different.  I recognize and honor that the heart has something to say.  I honor it by making time.

Today was an interesting day.  I feel like the Universe gave me a pop quiz….. AND, I am proud to say I think I passed with an A+   I passed today with flying colors.  Yoga is working.  I kicked back and laughed as I realized that all the hard work I continue to put in on my mat continues to step in and help when “stuff” comes up.  It’s beautiful, yes, oh so beautiful!

So Tuesdays are BUSY!!  Tuesdays are my first day back in class after the weekend.  Today, on my way to class while driving I found that I was driving slanted and everything was bumpy.  I arrived at the studio and realized that I got a flat and  it’s not a flat like pump me up and get somewhere flat, it’s flat as a doornail flat.

Then skip forward to this evening.  I get home it’s 8:20 PM and I’m excited because I made miso soup last night so that it would be ready because I know my weekdays get BUSY and I’m hungry by this time and am excited that something is ready and dinner will be easy tonight.  When I pull my soup out and take the lid off I watch with big eyes as my soup is….well…..fermenting.  It’s bubbling slightly.  I’ve made miso soup a thousand times and it’s never been ALIVE!!!!  I watch it fascinated.  I take a spoon to it and watch as goo drools off the edge of the spoon.  My soup is FUNKY!!  I am curious and puzzled and decide that this is probably not fit to eat.  LOL. This takes me to an investigation of the fridge and I find  that the fridge is out.

When I realized this I tilted my head back and laughed, and said, Universe, pop quiz today?  I smiled and picked up the phone to call a neighbor to see if they had a number for a good fridge guy.

Why am I writing all this?  Because I want share that there was a time not very long ago that all of this would have been met with so much RESISTANCE.  Today, however each situation seemed to spontaneously be looked at as a challenge, not a problem.  Instead of resisting the present moment I seemed to spontaneously move with the present moment.  I know these are gifts from my daily practice.  I know that in the past I might have been irritated with having to take time out of “my” schedule to deal with a flat tire.  Funny thing is for about the last two weeks I’ve been wanting to get to Discount Tire because I needed to rotate my tires but hadn’t because of a busy schedule.  Funny how things take care of themselves.  Coincidence?  I will let you decide.  Today after changing my flat and rotating the tires I told the Universe thank you. I giggled and said you know me and you KNOW how to get me in here and take care of this.

Tonight after visiting with the repair man and getting details of the repair there was no stress.  Again, there was no resistance to what was.  There was no taking the situation personally.  I know I used to personalize EVERYTHING.  “WHY IS THE HAPPENING TO ME??!!” would have been my immediate response to something like this.  Or I might argue, what did I do to deserve this or perhaps  “this isn’t fair!!!

None of that exists inside anymore.  What’s left is full acceptance of what is without personalization, judgement, or criticism.  I got my tires rotated and I cleaned my fridge out today!  Wow!  I searched for the blessings in today. I always search for blessings in everything.  I trust that if I don’t see the blessing than I need to change my inner sight.  I need to change the way I’m looking to find the blessing.   And, today, really wasn’t that bad.  I know it would have been BAD to the me not too long ago.  Now, I see things aren’t that big of a deal if you just move with the moment.

I LOVE YOGA!!  The longer I practice the more I watch the miracle of awareness and mindfulness grow inside.  I watch as judgement, analyzation, and criticism disappear from my mind.    Each time I get on my mat and work even when I don’t want to I am learning to discipline the mind. I am learning SURRENDER.  I am learning that God, The Universe,  or The Infinite doesn’t personalize anything.  Everything just is.  Today was the perfect pop quiz to see if all the Yoga I’m doing is working.  I am so pleased to say I passed with flying colors.  I am happy because I remember a time not so long ago when a day like this would have been so difficult.  It would have drained me of energy because of the resistance to the now.  I am sure there would have been tears of frustration, and the day would have finished with a headache because of my inner tension and struggle with the reality of what is the present moment.  Tonight, instead, I am very happy.  I passed my quiz!   Yoga is 1/8 physical the rest is how you react/act to Life off your mat.

To sum this up, Life will give you a pop quiz once in a while to see if you are learning your life lessons.  Sometimes too, we will get tests as well!  Today was a quiz.  I am thankful that I was able to manage gently and efficiently while not blaming anything or anyone for the situation.  It just is what it is.  How lovely is that?  Free from personalization we become free ourselves.

To finish, I am adding one of my favorite quotes and pictures to go along with this article. I am happy.  I am thankful.  I am grateful that this experience today got me to sit down and write!  The Universe knows exactly what to do to get you honoring your heart.  And for that I feel like the little girl below.  It’s so perfect.  You might have to adjust your filter so that you can see just how PERFECT it all really is.

Sending all my love this evening,

Sandra Vanatko

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” – Buddha ~ ♥ ~

One of My Favorites

Screen shot 2012-05-01 at 10.20.25 PM

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” – Buddha ~ ♥ ~