True Balance: Chapter 7 Crown Chakra

Notes from Chapter 7, the Crown Chakra.
The crown chakra is located on the top of the head.  When the crown chakra is awakened it “allows us to experience God and the goodness of the Universe directly”.  This chakra when awakened helps us to “focus our attention on the spiritual meaning of life and begins to erase the imagined demarcation between what is spiritual and what is not”.  Pg 206
The 7th or crown chakra (physiologically) is connected …”to the brain stem, the spinal cord, the nervous system and the pineal gland”. Pg 207 This area when awakened and balanced allows us to be at peace and to feel a “knowing” that we are all interconnected, that things will work out.  This is the “knowing” chakra.  It is from here that we can develop great compassion for others and ourselves, that we become giving, without wanting something in return.
A closed crown chakra is indicated when a person has absolutely no faith….”in God, no faith in the order and the wisdom of the Universe and at worst no faith in life itself…. The dark night of the soul”. Pg 207
An open chakra helps us enter into the realm of faith, an understanding that needs no justification or explanation.  We become one with the Universe and feel connected to the “Divine Spirit”.  “Our focus shifts from survival to one of infinite possibility”. Pg 210
From this chakra we often have a feeling that we have known someone before, from another life or time. “We tend to connect with those with whom we have unfinished business’. Pg 212  The opportunity for growth comes when we are asked to be loving when we are dealing with someone who is very unco-operative. “…they are our teachers”. Pg 212  Many times we feel drawn to certain people, this is no accident, we are meant to continue to learn together.
“The crown chakra activates our memory of our soul’s plan for this life and animates us to actively pursue it.”  Pg 215  It helps us to live a more authentic life.  “When we do make choices that do not align with our higher purpose, we become unbearably restless and desire fundamental change.” Pg 215  When we follow our inner voice the universe opens to us and we live a fulfilling life.  Sonia reminds us to not settle for something less than we are.
An open crown chakra leads us to live a ”knowing”, loving, giving, and compassionate life.  We live lives of grace,” by living each day as if it were the holiest day of your life”. Pg 231  We live our true spirit and we are happy.
We hope you found the book True Balance interesting and helpful and were able to use some of the helpful tips at the end of each chapter to further enhance your life.

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