New Documentary: Hungry For Change

There is a new documentary out called Hungry for Change. It’s free online for the next 48 hours.  Take time to watch it, it’s free!  I am so happy we are starting to see more and more films about the nutrition/diet crisis that faces the west.  We are eating less and gaining more.  This film goes into detail on what is going on.  I hope you enjoy!


Book Club Notes: Six Chakra

Book Notes from March 12th
The sixth chakra, our “third eye”, situated between the eyebrows, helps us to see accurately in life.  It helps us to hear and understand what is really being said, hearing the meaning behind the words.  The center also helps us to analyze, perceive and visualize what is going on in the world.  “In conjunction with the pituitary gland this center enhances our memory, our dream state, and our ability to learn intellectually.” Pg 175
“When this center is imbalanced you may have headaches, dizziness, eyestrain or decreased concentration.” Pg 175  “Some may have difficulty conveying ideas or understanding the ideas of others.  Many times these people are controlling and perfectionistic.”  Pg 175
When this center is balanced we see the world as full of beauty and wonder, we feel less inner turmoil.  This center when balanced helps us to “seek accurate information” before forming our opinion.  Our goal becomes “long lasting solutions” to issues in our lives.  Pg 176 We become more insightful which then opens the door to “more tolerance, understanding and compassion.”  Pg 178
“The sixth chakra governs our self-image; It is here we form ideas about who we are and how we should present ourselves to the world.”  Pg 184We often live the messages we received from our parents and caregivers from our early years.  It is important to challenge some of these ideas as we grow and develop.  “Reclaiming the authentic self can be challenging and is rarely achieved without the support and guidance“of others. Pg 185 It is important to ask for help when working to overcome old messages. Seek help from teachers, healers and counselors when necessary.
People with a balanced 6th chakra see life in a more balanced way.  They can see the positives even in challenging situations.  They learn from difficult situations without feeling victimized.  They are able to trust that things will work out, knowing that they always do even though the facts at the moment are not looking promising.  They can use their intellect as well as their imaginations to accomplish great things.  They realize that we are all spiritual beings currently in physical form.  We can only access the spiritual part of ourselves when we quiet the mind.
A gift of the fully “awakened personal vision is clairvoyant sight, which includes the ability to see auras, chakras, and even probable future events.” Pg 200 Clairvoyance “is the natural consequence of profound perspective that comes with a highly developed and balanced 6th chakra.” …“It is simply the ability to see the truth.  All it requires is a desire on your part to see the most accurate picture of our magnificent world”  Pg 201
By opening and balancing our 6th chakra we can move beyond our old messages and negative interpretations of situations and grow into the person that our spirit would have us be.
Come join us next week, March 27th from 2-3:30 pm to discuss the Crown or 7th chakra.  This is the emotional center for our “Knowing”, our understanding of the spiritual meaning of life.

Book Club Notes: Chapter Six

Book Club Notes from March 6th.
The throat chakra is the “chimney” to our heart chakra.  What we feel in our heart we express through our throat chakra.  When both chakras are open, our message to those around us is uplifting and positive.  We realize that “every expression we release into the world will have an impact, whether we want it to or not.” Pg 137
It is through the throat chakra that we listen as well as share our ideas.  When the throat chakra is open we are more open to listening to new ideas, seeing different perspectives and going beyond what we have done before.  Relationships become more healthy as we make it safe to for others to share with us and we share honestly with them.  A balanced heart chakra “acts as a bridge builder, assisting you in establishing connections.”
When your throat chakra is balanced you will be aware of more synchronicities in your life, things happening as you think them, as you are more tuned in to others.  “…our way is made easier when we tune in to others.”  Pg 141 It is very important when tuning in to others that you are aware of what is truly reflective of your own feelings.  If we pick up on thoughts that are not to our benefit, it is important to assess rather than go along with the “collective” thinking and lose our power and that of our spirit. Pg 141.
With a balanced throat chakra  we “… tune into our own inner voice;  it picks up our intuition and our spirit guides and angels.”  This helps us tell the difference between our “ego” thoughts and our true messages and beliefs that come from within.  Pg 143 Our intuition is not “an audible voice” but a subtle message.  To increase your intuitive powers you will first need to be open to being an intuitive person.  The second decision is to expect to be intuitive.  “Expectation acts as a magnet for intuitive feelings.”  145/146.  The third decision is to trust the feelings that you are opening to “because your intuitive feelings may not be supported by appearances or confirmed by others.” Pg 146 The fourth decision is “…to act on your intuition when it guides you.”  “Making these four basic decisions – to be open, to expect, to trust, and to act on intuitive feelings, will create a direct conduit for your fifth chakra to communicate messages to you…”  pg 146
“Life doesn’t just happen to us.  …The truth is we decide how our lives are going to be.  …And the magic wand that makes it happen is our expression.  …When we fully realize that we are spiritual creators, life does become our dream.” Pg 170
Have a great week.

Our Book Club will meet next week on Monday instead of Tuesday from 2 -3:30 pm.  Come and join our discussion of our sixth chakra, (The Third Eye) which helps us “see accurately in life.”   See you there!

Book Club Notes: True Balance, Chapter Four

Book Club Notes from February 28th
Our discussion Tuesday was on the Heart Chakra, the point of entry to our true spirit!  The heart chakra is located in the upper center of the chest and it is in this area we often feel lightness, openness, fullness when we are happy, when we are  feeling love and feeling loved.
Close your eyes and visualize someone you love.  It may be a baby, a child, a spouse, a pet or a friend.  As you take a few relaxing breaths continue to visualize this individual doing something that gives them great joy.  Notice how you feel as you visualize this scenario and notice where you feel sensations in your body.  Many of the sensations we feel associated with those we love are felt in the area of the heart chakra.
The heart chakra is the center which governs our feelings of compassion, love, kindness, empathy, generosity and love.  “(the heart chakra) … is the most important energy center in our psychic makeup.  This is because love is the greatest power in our lives and the highest channel of life force available to us.” Pg 102
It is through an open heart chakra we connect with others.  When we approach someone from our heart it is difficult for them to misinterpret our communication.  An open heart trusts self and others and that is communicated clearly.  An open heart is open to receiving love as well as to giving love.  The receiving part is more difficult for many.  It is important to acknowledge that receiving is an integral part of the flow of love through us.  This is part of the generous spirit that is an “open heart”; the give and take of life lived in a  peaceful, kind and thoughtful way towards others as well as towards self.
If our heart chakra is out of balance and we are communicating more from the head, many misunderstandings occur.  Closing the heart and communicating from the head often follows a trauma when the heart has “been broken”.  We feel the need to protect ourselves from further pain and so we close down the heart chakra.  Isolation and loneliness often result.  Individuals with an imbalanced heart chakra seem emotionally unavailable and distant in their relationships.  Intimacy is very difficult for them.  Drug and alcohol addiction are often a result of an imbalanced heart chakra.  Pg 111
Another symptom of an imbalanced heart chakra is the sense of exclusivity, or the need to see oneself as superior to others of a different race, religion or socio-economic background.  “Separating ourselves from others reveals more about how we feel about ourselves than about how we feel about others.  …We do it when we feel insecure and secretly doubt our own worthiness of love.” Pg 113
A closed heart chakra sets us up for isolation while an overly open heart chakra sets us up for taking on everyone else’s feelings, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, worn out and wanting to fix things so that we feel better.  Pg 117  When we continue to intervene in others problems we deny them the opportunity to learn from experience.  Sometimes the best way to help another and protect yourself is to just “…Walk away from them, sending them blessings and prayers on your way out.” Pg 118
“The best remedies for a balanced heart are the sweet and soul-nurturing activities that leave us feeling cared for, connected to others, and receptive to all the blessings of the Universe.” Pg 132
Come join us next week as we discuss the Fifth Chakra.  The Throat Chakra is the area from which we speak our truth.  We meet Tuesday afternoons from 2-3:30.  It is free, fun and a great opportunity to share your ideas with others.