Book Club Notes: True Balance

Book Club Notes from February 21, 2012
First, a thank you to all who came and participated in our discussion of the third chakra.  It was wonderful to hear of your experiences and to have you share your insights in this area of your life.
The third chakra is our place of Personal Power, it helps us define our sense of self in the world.  Carolyn Myss in her book Anatomy of the Spirit says of the third chakra “As we develop a sense of self, our intuitive voice becomes our natural and constant source of guidance.”  It is this voice that guides us to be authentically us and when we ignore this voice we often regret it.
This is the Chakra that “determines the beliefs we hold about ourselves…” ( worker, victim, helper, artist, successful, etc).  When this chakra is balanced we feel confident, we tend to be more self-aware and more focused on living a life of integrity.  We tend to trust more, as we have learned to trust ourselves.  As Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements says, “When you become wise, you don’t have to pretend to be someone else.  You accept yourself the way you are, and the complete acceptance of yourself becomes the complete acceptance of everyone else.”
This is also the chakra that gives us courage to fight for what we think is right, to defend ourselves, to say no when it is necessary, to set appropriate limits with others in all areas of our lives.  By giving us this courage it is also the chakra that when balanced allows us to be at peace.  “…it endows one with serenity, gentleness, and patience.”  Pg 76
The third chakra is the “… engine that drives our personal power. If the engine breaks down, our lives go nowhere.  …No one else will live your life for you.”   “Look outward.  Be in the moment.  Stop.  Look.  Listen to the world around you.  Do not let the ghosts of the past, or the frightful imaginings of a phantom future, steal away your today.”Pg 96
Even though the third chakra is drives our personal power, when balanced it is the area that helps us to realize that …“The highest form of personal power is found in surrendering your own limited power to a Higher Power and asking the Universe to direct your course.” “…we might ask the Universe for what we want, but we should never presume to tell the Universe how to deliver it.” Pg 97
Living an authentic life, trusting and being willing to take a leap of faith, all come into play when the third chakra is balanced.  “When we direct our will fully toward what lies in our heart, the Universe will meet us halfway, leading us to victory.”  Pg 97

Next week, Tuesday February 28, we will meet at 2pm to discuss Chapter 4, the Fourth Chakra.  Come and join us, it is free, fun and a great chance to meet new people.


Book Club Notes: True Balance

True Balance, Chapter 2
Second Chakra, “Balanced Vitality”
The second chakra is located just below the belly button and vibrates to the color orange.  This chakra activates all of our senses and it is through this chakra we experience emotion, sexuality, sensuality, feeling and pleasure.  Our second chakra energizes our sexual and reproductive organs, the bladder and the lower part of the lower intestine.
The second chakra is the area that helps us feel vibrantly alive.  “It drives our desires as well as our creative expression.” Pg 41 “It delights in our physical and emotional experiences and encourages us to partake of the good life.”  “This energy center is the laboratory of personal discover.” Pg 42 …”The universe wants us to experience and enjoy life on Earth, not simply endure it or overcome it…” pg 42
From this area, “we enjoy gatherings, connections and togetherness with others, good food, good wine and good song, good sex and good times.”  This is also our center of expression and creation.
When our 2nd chakra is balanced we have ….”a sense of entitlement to the good things in life…” pg 45  This center gives us permission to make our own lives wonderful, to live with style, grace and fun.
When our 2nd chakra is unbalanced we often ignore our feelings or even disconnect from them,”… we live in our heads.” Pg 47 Once we begin to live in our heads we start to ignore what our bodies want and need and instead of nurturing ourselves we deprive ourselves in many different ways.  It is often when this area is unbalanced that we have a hard time knowing when to hang on and when to let go.
Favorite quotes.
“This energy center is the laboratory of personal discovery” pg 42
“When we have a difficult time receiving, we block the flow of life.” Pg 47
“It is not our feelings themselves that cause us difficulty in life, but the repression or judgment of our feelings.” Pg 52
“What we need to do during these blue periods is to accept responsibility for our feelings and begin to take care of ourselves.” Pg 53
“…one day I simply woke up and decided that I wasn’t going to put my life on hold any longer, waiting for someone else to treat me better than I was willing to treat myself.”  Pg 54
“Romance is less a matter of whom you meet than of who you are.” Pg 59
“Sensuality is basically a function of the body, while love is a function of the spirit.” Pg 62
“…creating beauty is one of the highest and most healing purposes we can pursue.” Pg 69

Come join us next Tuesday February 21 st for discussion on Chapter 3.  We will talk about personal will, self control and the ability to stay true to ourselves as we travel through this life.  The gathering is fun, free and another opportunity to meet new people.