True Balance: Book Club Chapter One Notes

The Book  Club met on Tuesday the 24th to begin our new book True Balance, by Sonia Choquette.
The root chakra is situated at the base of the tailbone and “creates the necessary foundation with which we can begin life’s journey”. (pg 7)  When balanced it “provides us with a basic sense of security and safety”. (pg 7) and helps us to feel that “life is welcoming, ready to embrace us and offer us support and nurturance in every way”. (pg 8)    When balanced we feel like a well grounded tree, able to move with life’s demands, yet stay secure within ourselves.
On the color spectrum this chakra vibrates energetically to red. (pg 7)
When unbalanced, Mona Lisa Shultz in her book Awakening Intuition says “think of your life as a monopoly game.  We all start out in the same place on the board, with the same amount of money.  But what if on your very first throw of the dice, you have to go to jail and pay a $200 fine?  It’s safe to say that you won’t thereafter feel very safe on the board of life”.  These memories are stored in your brain and organs (pg 129) …(skeletal system, blood and immune system) and later in life when you suffer a major change it is these memories that come to the fore, affecting how we handle life situations and also at times affecting these organs in our bodies.
The good news is that we can balance our chakras when they get out of balance, it mostly requires being aware of what is happening and then taking action.  The goal with the root chakra is to feel grounded and calm, so that when upset happens we can regroup more quickly and accept what is.
It was interesting to discuss the various ways we each use to feel grounded after a move, a death, a divorce or any significant change in our lives.  Some needed to get in touch with the earth through gardening, some needed more structure in their routines, others needed to find out what activities were in their environment which might help them to feel grounded, less “up-rooted” and more interconnected.

Favorite lines:
“With a grounded foundation, you will be calm and easygoing and have an aura of quiet strength and confidence about you.” (pg 9)
“Telltale signs of an imbalanced first chakra are nagging and persistent psychic insecurities and anxieties, especially those centered on your basic survival, security, safety and support needs.  ….worry, worry, worry.  An unbalanced first chakra leaves you feeling unwelcome, unworthy, unwanted, and afraid.” (pg 11)
“The most unsettling element to our foundation is thinking and worrying about change before it happens.” (pg 14)
“An essential element to having a sound foundation is providing yourself with adequate nutrition.” (pg 19)
“Safety is basic to foundation…physical and emotional safety.” (pg21)
“Keep living things in your home…birds, fish, cats, dogs, plants.  …the routines required to keep plants and animals alive and well have a grounding effect on you.” (pg 23)
Sonia recommends that individuals participate in various kinds of therapy that teach you to be …”your own parent, to love the inner child that’s crying inside of you and to take charge of your own safety and support, with the help of the Universe.”(pg 24)
“Another essential element in having a balanced foundation is having a secure home.” (pg 28) … “invent an atmosphere that is truly worthy of you”. (pg 29)
“Salt your home” (pg 30).  We laughed at this but one member had tried it.  As Sonia says “salt of the earth” is the term describing someone who is solid.
…“stop waiting for someone to give you what you need, instead give it to yourself.”  (pg 31)  Take responsibility.
“A balanced foundation comes with the desire to grow up, show up, and take your place in life.” (pg 32)  “It says I can be counted on.”

Our next meeting will be Feb 7th at 2pm.  Come join us as we discuss chapter 2, on the Sacral Chakra.  This group is free, fun and provides an opportunity to share and grow together.